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The problem of thinness is a problem that causes many young people and girls to be ashamed at this time and may feel very ashamed of the shape of their bodies, so many of them are looking for radical solutions to this problem We should also be aware that those who suffer from the problem of thinness here we mean thinness Be under the normal weight of man, so ask the question of our minds! What is the natural weight of a person?

If we want to know the normal weight of a person, we must know that the ideal weight of the person is related to several factors such as age, sex, height, body structure, bone density, muscle, fat ratio and general health of the body as anyone can know the body mass index through the following equation:
Weight in kg / cm in m2 = body mass

If the mass of the body is less than 18.5, it indicates that there is a thinner, but if the ratio between 18.5 to 25, it means that the body with its natural weight, but if exceeded 25 to 30 is considered an excessive weight and if the proportion is considered obesity and must also be addressed.
The causes of thinness vary among people, some of whom do not suffer from any health problems and others may suffer from health problems that cause them to thin excess and that they must pay attention to and treatment.


    • 1. There are some physical causes that cause thinness such as the occurrence of the process of excessive secretion of certain glands such as thyroid gland, which increases the metabolism and thus burning excess calories in the body, as well as the incidence of certain diseases such as diabetes, anemia or injury Parasites and some worms that feed on the body food, there are also some genetic reasons, we find that the Eid family or family tree are infected with the same disease, as well as anorexia, as many of those who suffer from anorexia reach them to the incidence of thinness.
    • 2. Smoking is one of the unhealthiest habits acquired by the human being, which harms his health and works to make him thin.
    • 3. Hyperthyroidism, insufficient digestion, food absorption and severe anemia.
    • 4. Some diseases of the digestive system that prevent absorption of digested food.
    • 5. Chronic diarrhea, liver disorders, presence of parasites in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • 6. Constipation, insomnia, sexual disorders, diabetes, heredity and other factors.
  • 7. Some mental illnesses such as: severe depression that causes loss of appetite, obsession that makes the infected do not feel hungry.
  • 8. Taking some medications also may cause a lot of symptoms of loss of appetite and exhaustion to the subject.
  • 9. Food allergies Some people may be allergic to some foods that contain certain elements (eg, gluten and lactose), causing indigestion and difficulty absorbing nutrients.

If you have a genetic predisposition, it is difficult to recover normal weight because of the increased metabolism or burning of food, or because it has fewer cells. And the diagnosis of such a case through medical tests conducted thyroid gland to analyze the rate of activity, then if the doctor confirmed the hyperthyroidism or increase the burning process it describes treatments that reduce the activity of the thyroid gland.

In addition, the medical consultation reveals the possibility of diseases that cause thinness, such as anemia, then the doctor describes the appropriate treatment to get rid of the disease and regain weight lost commitment to healthy food after the disappearance of the disease.

There are also some tips that must be followed by the patient to get rid of the subject of thinness:

When Dentin loses these protective layers (enamel and cement), the tubes in the ivory will be exposed to heat, cold and acids in the food so you will be able to reach the nerves and cells inside the teeth.

# I prefer to eat snacks and multiple instead of large meals and a small meaning that the person eating thinness three main meals and among them is eating 3 small meals.

# Eat nuts and dried fruits in small meals or add them to salad and rice.

# Exercise is something very important and essential to increase muscle mass. And eating supplements that help to gain weight.

# Try to stay as far as possible from psychological stress and problems that weaken appetite and thus reduce weight.

Fifth: to increase the intake of tropical fruits such as mangoes, bananas, pineapples, which contain high fracture rates.

# Cheese contains a large proportion of fat that is overweight and try adding grated cheese to rice, pasta and white cheese cubes to the salad.

# Drink whole milk or milk multiplier is very necessary in weight gain.

# Avoid drinking water during meals because it weakens digestive enzymes and hinders digestion.


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