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The nose is one of the most important organs in the face that reflect the beauty of the person and because of its center in the middle of the face we find it dominates facial features and may adversely affect the beauty of the face if it was found warp or was deviant and asymmetrical or in cases of large size of the nose significantly.

These days, we see that rhinoplasty is a widespread occurrence in the world, whether male or female. Nowadays, in many cultures, especially in Arabic, nose is considered one of the most important standards of beauty. Psychological problems in people and affect them negatively, so we find the trend and the high demand for such a form of cosmetic operations huge.

We have heard a lot of these days about rhinoplasty surgery without surgery. There are many questions. What is the difference between cosmetic surgery, non-surgical procedures, and what is better?

In surgical terms, most rhinoplasty operations require mainly partial or complete anesthesia (depending on the physician and depending on the patient’s health condition) and are considered an undesirable option for doctors and patients due to postoperative complications such as pain After surgery, which may last for a period of time, the patient will need a recovery period of up to six weeks. The results of surgery are not 100% guaranteed because they do not guarantee the desired result of the first operation.

How is rhinoplasty performed?

As mentioned above, surgery can be done under local or generalized effect, according to the doctor. The length of surgery varies depending on the type of operation to be performed. Most surgery takes an hour or two.

Most doctors know that the rectal correction process can take much longer than other surgeries.

The surgical procedure is performed in one of these ways:

Either the cracks in the nose are located in the inside of the nose (closed rhinoplasty) or the external cracks are any outside the nose (open rhinoplasty)
In both cases it is possible to remove the bone of the nose and reshape the nose according to need, and in some cases the doctor to transplant tissue cartilage taken from the ear to help him reshape the cartilage nasal and compensate for the lack of it according to need.
Surgical incisions are closed with self-dissolving sores, leaving no trace or scars and matching desired alignment. The nose is also straightened and stitched to prevent movement.

Before undergoing surgery, let us know about rhinoplasty without surgery!

There are four common methods used in the process of rhinoplasty without surgery:


    • 1 – The use of surgical threads in the cosmetic surgery of the nose without resorting to surgery, and the process of rhinoplasty nose is one of the very simple methods in the treatment of the nose and far from the complexity of the procedure, as it does not require the provision of any special medical equipment and the length of time it takes Between the 30 minutes to hour maximum, after the patient can leave the clinic and exercise his daily life normally.
    • 2 – the use of the Filler technique to fill the spaces under the skin, which is mainly used in the beautification of many areas of the face such as forehead, lips and eyebrows have been developed by doctors in the use of a wider and included under the list of noses, there are two configurations of the first Filler natural such as collagen and the other industrial such as Hyaluronic acid or artificial polymer. Filler technique is used in special cases such as nasal bridge depression, or a rise followed by a decrease in the nasal surface, where this is filled to restore the appearance of the ideal nose.
    • 3 – Laser nose surgery, which is very limited due to the sensitivity of the nose. Such technology is used in several cases, including:
      # Improved respiratory functions such as nasal barrier modification or mastectomy in cases of tight internal fuse of the nose.
      # The presence of a bump on the back of the nose that makes his appearance a bit shameful to many people.
      # The presence of injuries in the nose Laser is used to calculate jobs or cosmetic or both cases.
      # People who suffer from the lip of the rabbit, the laser is also used to calculate jobs or cosmetic or both cases.
      # The presence of thickening in the skin of the nose, which causes weakness in the cartilage located in the nose and the elasticity of cartilage formation.
    • 4 – external nose and nose exercises.

The process of rhinoplasty in Lamera clinics depends on several factors, the most important of which is the medical expertise of our doctors and the excellent rate of success that they achieve daily. Rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult plastic surgeries in the world of cosmetics, so the doctor’s experience and medical experience in this field play an important role in determining the outcome of surgery.


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