3D MAX Device

It is a device that uses three basic techniques: radio, Freonconce, Altra Sound, and cryo-cooling technology. These three techniques are used in carving and cellulite treatment. Each case needs about 12 sessions of 20 – 40 minutes and the user feels the device improves after the first three sessions.

G5 Device

A French device is a deep body massage device that improves the results of liposuction devices by stimulating the lymphatic system and glands for fat discharge and can be used with body tightening and slimming sessions.

Crystal Peeler Device

Is a device that uses micro-crystalline granules to peel off the skin and stimulate it to produce new cells to improve the freshness of the face and treat some surface skin problems.

Frakces Device

Is a device that uses the best techniques of cosmetic medicine is the technique of C / O2 laser, which is the best solutions for the treatment of scars and the effects of acne and other surgical scarring and of course can be used in the rejuvenation of the face after age and the appearance of some effects of aging skin.

Abelia System Device

Is a permanent laser hair removal device where a dual-energy technique is used in hair removal. It is not only a painless diode laser, but also a radiophronic
This improves the results of permanent hair removal, the number of sessions by the doctor is determined for each case depending on the type of skin and the nature of the hair.

Carboxy Device

Is a device that uses the technology of carbon dioxide high purity and called “Carboxy Therapi” in the treatment of dark circles and bulges around the eye, and has impressive results in the treatment of cracks that appear in the body, “Steric Mark” and also treatment of cellulite and even local fat, On a case-by-case basis under the supervision of a physician.

Secret Device

It is a device that uses the technique of “Radiofrequency” and is a very effective treatment in the removal of scars and renewal of skin cells and can be used in the treatment of excessive sweating of the armpit as well as treatment of light capillaries in some places of the body, the number of sessions is determined according to each case under the supervision of the doctor.

Zerona Device

An American laser engraving device
The best device in fat dissolving and sculpting and FDA-winning
The cold laser diode technology is not used by any pain or heat, and can reduce the circumference of the abdomen and waist for about seven centimeters per week
Or less than two hours in clothing, and with only 40 minutes to be given to the places where fat is collected. This is for six sessions of two weeks divided into three sessions per week, with impressive results in America and many parts of the world as well as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries.

Virgo Device

Is the latest device in the clinics currently, a US FDA certified device used in carving and treatment of cellulite
Using modern laser techniques where the user does not feel any heat or suffering
It can also be taken for two weeks or more depending on the circumstances of each case
It takes 15 minutes to treat cellulite
Or from 30-40 in the case of sculpting according to the protocol to be determined by the doctor.