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We all hear the word Botox and we connect it directly when we hear this word by removing the wrinkles and get the freshness and youth of the face and get rid of aging, but have you ever wondered what is Botox? Does it have other useful uses?

Botox is a very pure protein derived from a highly toxic substance called clostridium botulinum, which is similar in structure to the body’s stylocholine and is used to transport neurotransmitters from nerves to muscles.

In any case, Botox is not used in quantities that are harmful to the patient. It is a medical product that is widely used in many different medical fields. This product is produced under special laboratory conditions. Botox was initially used to treat various motor disorders, characterized by hyperactivity of the muscles and problems of strabismus and in the treatment of increased sweating in the armpit, hands or legs, may also help Botox injections in the prevention of chronic migraine in some people. This product has been developed over the years until Botox has been used to conceal wrinkles and improve the appearance of expression lines in the face known as moving wrinkles that appear as age progresses.

When this substance is injected into the muscles, this substance is linked to the receptors of the acetylcholine, thus preventing it from stimulating the contraction of the muscle. Therefore, it only paralyzes the muscles that cause the appearance of the wrinkles and lead to its relaxation. Facial wrinkles are formed during the years through the daily facial expressions, Exclamation and anger, also when focusing and holding eyebrows or thinking and many of these repetitive movements constantly where the muscles form different facial expressions.

When injecting Botox, this substance binds to acetylcholine receptors, preventing it from stimulating muscle contraction, which means that it stops the effect of the electrical signals transmitted by the nerve to the muscle fibers, so the muscle does not contract.

In short, Botox treatment relaxes the muscles that make wrinkles and keeps them in this condition for a period of three to six months. The duration of Botox depends on the amount of injectable material, the size of the injected muscle, and its location.

Before injecting Botox, we call the patient for a preliminary interview with our specialist doctors, who agree to agree with the patient on the areas to be treated according to several criteria in the skin depending on the thickness of the skin and the number of wrinkles existing patient desire in the injection sites and there is no need to conduct additional pre-examinations.

The injection process takes about an hour and an hour and a half. Botox injection is a safe and simple procedure that can be performed in our clinics under the influence of local anesthesia. This anesthesia is performed by an ointment lasting 15 minutes or sometimes without anesthesia. Ointment and start the process of injecting amounts very small and specific in places to be treated only.

The results of Botox treatment appear after 3 or 4 days and Botox works for about two weeks, so that after two weeks, you should go back to our clinics and see your doctor again for observation if other repairs are needed.

Botox also has an awesome muscle-tightening ability, such as muscle relaxation to hide wrinkles. Botox can lift the eyebrows and upper eyelid by several millimeters or more.

Many women and men wonder if Botox has any side effects? It certainly has its side effects, as is any chemical.


    • – In many cases we find many patients suffering from headaches may continue for 12 hours after injecting Botox directly.
    • – Feel the flu in many patients after the injection.
    • – Sensitivity symptoms may also appear in some people after the injection.
    • – It is also a frequent symptom of eyelid relaxation occurs where some people and may continue to relax for a week and in other cases two weeks after injection.
    • – Redness or bleeding rarely occurs at the injection site, but if it occurs, it will disappear within a few days.

Many clinical trials have fully demonstrated the safety of Botox use. Many scientific publications have repeatedly confirmed the high safety of Botox injections. The accumulated experience with the use of Botox made it better than any other alternative.

The appropriate dose and doctor with great experience and with maintaining intervals (in a minimum of three months between treatments) can also be re-treated for several years.


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