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Those of us who do not like to eat foods of all kinds and types of delicious and delicious whether we eat because of hunger or eat for entertainment, but may turn this type of love of food to the so-called bovine disease or (bulimia), a disease that causes the person in the case of large quantities of Food is unusual and the person is unable to stop eating despite the feeling of fullness, you find the patient after the end of eating, trying to get rid of it either through deliberate vomiting or by following the food and strict food and severe or you may find him exercising too much to try to lose As much weight as possible Current and this is a common compensatory behavior of many people with this disease.

We find that in many and many cases of excessive appetite due to psychological or hormonal or organic reasons, and may vary from one person to another, the long-term may cause many problems in the psychological and health and many of the serious diseases affecting the health of the injured person and also the social relations between parents and friends.

Diagnosis of the disease may be delayed in many patients with this disease. The reason is that the person does not realize that he is suffering from hypersensitivity and following the methods practiced by sport and different regimens and sometimes led to the use of drugs and drugs may affect his physical health, what symptoms and how can we know that this person is infected with this disease because the discovery of this type of disease inevitably will avoid many of the future problems, we will mention the most important symptoms of bulimia?

    • – Eating, body shape and constant obsession with the need for food.
    • – The sense of constipation and overheating with the inability to tolerate more eating and accompanied by a sense of fatigue and lack of sleep well.
    • – Having a distorted and bad image of the body and considering the person to be obese though his weight is normal and appropriate for his height.
    • – vomiting or use of intestinal laxatives or appetite suppressants with diuretics.
    • – Signs of damage due to vomiting, including the tumor around the cheeks and jaw or damage to the teeth associated with bad breath.
    • – Exercise difficult and overly exhausting accompanied by stress and anxiety and tension.
    • – A sense of discomfort in the event of receiving any patient comment on the food or weight or body shape.

One of the main causes of bovine disease in food or bulimia:

    • – Causes such as thyroid secretion or diabetes or taking some drugs containing cortisone, which is against the hormone insulin in his work.
    • – This may be due in most cases to psychological problems and pressures by parents and the community surrounding the person and find himself smuggled from these pressures by eating.
    • – Also the age stages such as adolescence and be at the end of this age and the beginning of youth.

Genetic and genetic factors have a significant impact and play an important role in such cases as the patient has a family member who is infected with this disease.
What are the suggested treatments for getting rid of binge eating?

    • – In the case of psychological problems strongly prefer a review of a psychiatrist specialist to help the patient and parents alike to find possible solutions to treat such kind of problems.
  • – Use evidence-based self-help programs.
  • – Eat three main meals regularly to minimize binge eating as far as possible from food temptations.
  • – Avoid fat and sugars that increase one’s appetite and lead to binge eating.
  • – Follow weight loss behaviors with commitment under specialized medical supervision.
  • – Taking enough sleep, rest helps to maintain energy.
  • – Drink large amounts of water and fresh juices and keep away from soft drinks.

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