Welcome to Lamira Clinics

We at Lamira clinics realize that quality is the standard in all practical areas. When it comes to the medical field, quality becomes the highest standard that must be applied and followed because the satisfaction and comfort of our customers with the services we provide is the goal and goal we aim to consistently reach the top of the health care pyramid, So we have provided you the best dedicated units operated by skilled clinical teams and a selection of the best nurses willing to meet all your needs and wishes.
All the staff of the Lamera Clinics at your service are keen to provide the best health service at the highest levels of overall quality of health care and all this will be dependent on all the geniuses available to us.

“We seek to provide safe and equipped medical services at the highest quality through qualified medical staff to achieve full customer satisfaction and reach results beyond the expectations of customers, and seek to be the first in all the medical departments available in our clinics to have the satisfaction of customers and be the first choice in the Kingdom . “


Why Lamira Clinics?

At Lamira Clinics, make sure that you have reached the right place and that your health is in good hands.

  • We have an integrated medical team specializing in all departments in our clinics.
  • An experienced team of the best trained nurses at the highest levels.
  • Large and luxurious clinical departments equipped with the best medical equipment.
  • High quality and efficient medical services.
  • Medical departments equipped with convenient services for patients and staff.
  • A comfortable reception and reception room with all the facilities that will help you relax while waiting.
  • Efficiency and ability to receive difficult situations and find innovative solutions.
  • Complete care of the patients psychologically and physically.

Meet Our Doctors

  • Dermatologist & Laser Specialist

    Dr. Shaymaa Hasan

  • Consultant Of Diseases of Digestive System

    Dr. Saad Al-Zain

  • Dermatologist & Laser Specialist

    Dr. Natalie Fornier

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All Our Departments

Neurology Department

Internal Medicin Department

Dermatology & Laser Department

Dental Department

Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Department

Nutrition & Obesity Department

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